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SPE Honors Noel Tessier

Posted by Conor Carlin on 8:08 AM on October 6, 2016

The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Thermoforming Division has presented Noel Tessier of CMT Materials, Inc. with its lifetime achievement award.  The honoree was selected by the Division’s Executive Committee, and the award was presented to Mr. Tessier on September 27, during SPE’s Thermoforming Awards Dinner in Schaumburg, IL. For the full press release from SPE, please visit the official website here.

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CMT Ramps Up for World Thermoforming Tour

Posted by Conor Carlin on 10:12 AM on September 1, 2016

Even though September is the last month of Q3, it often feels like the beginning of Q4. Perhaps this due to the end of summer, people returning to work and children returning to school. Or perhaps it's because the tradeshow calendar is jam-packed with events, fairs and conferences. We're making preparations for multiple events on 3 continents over the next few months.

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CMT Releases New Syntactic Material for Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

Posted by Conor Carlin on 11:58 AM on June 15, 2016

When we decided to focus on understanding the challenges faced by heavy gauge thermoformers, we thought about a kaleidoscope: turn the lens and see the shapes change. Our industry colleague, Steve Murrill of Profile Plastics, neatly captured the array of variables in thermoforming at the recent European Thermoforming Conference in Spain. When discussing the evolution of thermoforming, one must acknowledge the dilemma posed by the fact that standard part acceptance is driven by statistical process control (SPC) in a closed-loop, injection molding world. Because thermoforming is an open-loop process, the variations in sheet, forming, trim fixture fit, etc., processors are constantly tweaking trim programs at great cost. This leads to the eternal question: how to tighten the process to improve consistency? Better sheet, better forming process control through IT and data analysis and better trim programs will all help, but costs need to be understood and managed so that thermoforming doesn’t lose its competitive edge.

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CMT Field Notes: Chinaplas 2016

Posted by Conor Carlin on 11:13 AM on May 9, 2016

This year marked the 30th edition of Chinaplas, "Asia's No.1 and the world's No.2" plastics trade show. The event was back in Shanghai this year (it alternates between Guangzhou in southern China and Shanghai) and with 148,000 visitors over the 4-day period, it was definitely a highlight on the industry calendar. According to the show daily, about 150 countries and regions visited the show with the majority (68%) coming from China. The international pavilions were dominated by the Germans who displayed a wide range of machinery, materials and ancillary equipment.  Discussions from the event reveal that German thermoforming machinery suppliers are landing large, multiple machine orders in both China and Taiwan. Not to be outdone, the Italians also secured large orders during the show.

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Where does all that HYTAC go?

Posted by Conor Carlin on 4:22 PM on May 6, 2016

We recently celebrated some company success and in doing so, we took stock of our global market reach. Data visualization is a big thing these days, so we decided to have a crack at it ourselves. The geographic distribution of HTYAC plug assist materials is far and wide, all from our modest home in Massachusetts. Thanks to our long-standard support of the thermoforming industry, strong relationships with toolmakers and thermoformers, and our global network distributors, HYTAC materials are being used on all (?) 6 continents

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CMT Europe Moves to Bigger Building

Posted by Conor Carlin on 9:35 AM on April 7, 2016

On behalf of our colleagues in Europe, we are proud to announce that CMT Europe BV has just moved to a new, larger building (click here for map of new location).  Since the opening of the Netherlands operation, we have seen tremendous growth thanks to the dedication and hard work of Luc and his team. Full inventory, custom-cut capabilities and same-day shipping ensure that CMT Europe continues to deliver maximum customer service across the European continent.

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Evolved Thinking vs. The Status Quo

Posted by Conor Carlin on 10:00 AM on April 5, 2016

When I was about 10 years old, I knew a lot about geography. I memorized capitals of countries, read the atlas and looked up at map of the world beside my bed every night that was given to me by my grandfather. When I was 13, I was selected to take a geography test to see if I would qualify for The National Geographic Bee, a national competition. The results came back, and I was off to the state capital to compete. Unfortunately, I didn't make it beyond the first round after missing questions that were well outside my area of expertise. On the long drive home, I was painfully aware that geography was a much larger field than the color-coded countries and political boundaries that I knew so well. 

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CMT Field Notes - 2016 European Thermoforming Conference Review

Posted by Conor Carlin on 4:34 PM on March 22, 2016

Our friends in Europe certainly know how to organize a conference. Of course, hosting the event on the Catalan coast of northern Spain provides plenty of incentive for people to attend. This year was the 10th conference sponsored by the European Thermoforming Division of SPE. With a record 245 attendees from 27 countries, it was an international affair covering topics such as 3D printing, recycling, in-mold labelling, and creative design. A strong academic presence also ensured that the math geeks in the audience got their fair share of computer-based simulation models related to sheet temperature control, a subject that is central to the science of thermoforming.

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CMT Field Notes: 2015 European Thin Wall Packaging Conference

Posted by Conor Carlin on 4:54 PM on December 8, 2015

This year marked the 10th anniversary of AMI’s Thin Wall Packaging Conference in Europe. What started as a small gathering with only 48 people in 2005 is now an important industry event that consistently draws over 200 delegates. Brand owners, resin suppliers, converters and OEMs from both sides of the Atlantic are drawn to the city of Cologne to hear the latest developments in materials and processes for thermoformed and injection molded thin wall packaging. With conferences already established in Europe and North America, AMI is expanding to Southeast Asia next year with a new event in Singapore (September 20-21).

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CMT Field Notes: Early Thoughts from NPE 2015

Posted by Conor Carlin on 11:52 PM on March 24, 2015

We have just wrapped up the first 2 days of NPE 2015 in Orlando, Florida. With almost 60,000 attendees expected, the halls and booths at the show are buzzing with activity. Our booth has been a hive of activity with customers and partners from all over the world coming by to talk about the finer points of plug assisted thermoforming as well as other tooling materials for thermoforming.

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